The joy on Jyoti’s face is a reflection of her enthusiasm for her venture Globox being funded at JIMS Sector-5, Rohini’s Incubation centre. Manhar Gupta and Prachi, MCA students at

JIMS are also among the fortunate ones who have been able to get support from the college for their online venture Wholesale Bazaar. There is no bigger motivation than seeing your dreams getting fulfilled. The entrepreneurial streak among the youngsters these days is not just an upshot of the times that they are in but also their sheer grit and determination to be a part of the Start-up India campaign. The role that B schools play in shaping up the leaders of tomorrow is vital from the perspective of learning, experiencing and experimenting. B schools can provide support functions, mentorship and technical guidance to put the plans on paper and make them sustainable. This holds a significant importance in a country like India where scores of people are launching themselves every minute.

JIMS Sector-5, Rohini is an institution which is among the first ones to have an Incubation centre of its own. It started an E cell by the name of Tarkash in the times when entrepreneurship was neither talked about nor was a sought after career option. Since then each year E cell organises events for the knowledge enhancement, exposure, guidance and hand holding of its students. E summits, Entrepreneurship week, Business plan competitions, Simulation exercises, guest lectures, mentorship sessions, participation in events pan India are among the few from the gamut of activities the institution organises each year with an overwhelming participation. Apart from this the students at JIMS benefit from the diverse faculty experience in developing their ideas and getting them incubated.

Sanjeev Marwaha, CEO Wisetime learning who is also a JIMS alumni says “just like one learns to ride the bicycle initially with supporters, in the same way if one’s venture receives an initial support through his alma mater, it makes the footing more firm. JIMS nurtures such talent and gives wings to the ideas.” Another student Anurag, PGDM batch 2014-16 got a pre placement offer from the organisation where he completed his internship but before joining
the organisation started his venture Mad Over Print and today is a preferred choice for all printed merchandise business orders at JIMS. Private incubators in the market eyeing the right business opportunity are growing rapidly.

Ms. Divya Gupta, CEO Udgam, says “this generation of students are keen to be a part of the Start-up culture. The zeal and enthusiasm showcased by JIMS students in a Business Idea Presentation Platform speaks volumes about the exclusive and progressive exposure that they get at the campus.”

It cannot be denied that it’s a B school which can foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial way of thinking. It can help the students find right contacts, resources and real-world experiences which readies them for the heat of challenges that they might face while aspiring, perspiring and achieving their career goals.

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