Career Prospects in Retail Management

PGDM Retail Management

Organised retail, which started in the USA nearly 150 years back, can still be considered to be in its infancy in India. Yet with the growth in the economy, life style changes, young and aspirant population, urbanisation and attitudinal shifts, retail, especially organised retail, is expected to undergo tremendous growth. The sector shall witness changes, diversification and is poised to become highly competitive. Being one of the most dynamic and…

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The Regimentation in MBA Programs – Is it justifiable?

The increasing purchasing power and desire of the middle class to make it big in the Indian society has escalated the desire of students to pursue management education. The need of the hour has led to mushrooming of B schools which mould the students into corporate cut outs. The students, in most cases, have a blurred career vision and the awareness of choice of management domain is totally missing. It…

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