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Let’s have a look at the evolution of Digital Marketing through a simple timeline!

1971-72 : The first E-Commerce of the world. The ARPANET was used to arrange a sale between students at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory & the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1979 : Michael Aldrich (an English innovator, & entrepreneur) demonstrated the first online shopping system

1981 : Thomson Holidays, based out of UK was the first business to business online shopping system to be installed

1996 : India MART, a B2B marketplace was established in India

2007 : Flipkart was established in India

2011 : Studies revealed that the advertising via mobile phone and tablets held a net worth of $2 Billion

2012 : The net worth rose to $6 Billion. The geometric growth demanded more professionals be added to the field

2013-15 : Exponential growth in Digital Marketing

Also, the IJARF predicted that India would be seeing its golden period of Digital Marketing in between the years of 2013-18

Here’s a look at the graph showing the total spends in the digital space in India!


Figure 1 source : eMarketer


According to IBEF, the advertisement industry in India contributes 0.45 percent to the GDP. The Indian Digital Market is expected to grow at CAGR of 33.5%.

Also, with the Government supporting the industry, it is likely to boom for many years to come with the rural market yet to be explored and with the Smartphone penetration in those markets.

Here are some of the interesting jobs you could opt for in this industry!

1- Visualizer or Graphic Designer : If you’re creative at heart and enjoy making a good art with an understanding for concepts, the profile is for you. Visualizers get a handsome amount of pay and often enjoy a frontend role. There is no limit to the growth in this profession

2- Copywriters / Content Writers : People with the flair of writing are always invited for this profile. If you love to express yourselves through your creative writing, you can always go for this post. Content marketing is the in thing today and so is the demand for good content writers

3- Account Manager / Client Servicing: A hardcore marketing role with lots of meetings and presentations with the client and the management. If you’re good with the people and know how to get the work done, you’re the right person for the profile. An Account Manager is involved from the initiation to execution of Brand strategies and is responsible for the Brand Marketing.

4- Media planners: Brands tend to spend blindly on media. A huge chunk of their advertising budgets goes in the media spends. If you’re good with the technicalities and also well versed with Brands, go for the profile. A media planner is responsible for Performance campaigns. A tough job with awesome payouts.

5- SEO specialists : If you’re of the nature to be always one step ahead of your competitors, this profile is for you. An SEO specialist makes sure that the Brand stays on the top. Going by a general perception, people tend to give the tag of number 1 to the Brand that stays on top of the Google pages

6- Brand Planner : If research and planning is your thing, then you’re in! A Brand planner is a frontend role which is responsible for the complete Brand planning and working out strategies to make a Brand successful. The one is also involved in pitching (Brand strategy/Business presentations) and so gets a huge exposure to the industry

With the industry at its peak, this is the right time to get in and make a fortune for the future!

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