Jagan Institute of Management Studies organized a MDP program on the topic “Managing Conflicts at Work place” on 16th September, 2017 at its Rohini Campus. The Key Resource Persons for the MDP were: Prof. S.C. Kapoor and Dr. Neelam Dhall. Prof. Kapoor started the session with an interesting story highlighting the concept of Conflict, its various sources and types. He also gave inputs on Conflict Resolution Strategies and their application in different situations to resolve conflicts. Thereafter, Dr. Neelam Dhall discussed the role of Emotional Intelligence in Conflict Resolution at workplace through a highly interactive session. She also provided insights into Conflict Resolution using Transactional Analysis.


One session was entirely dedicated to help participants know their actual Conflict Resolution Styles, their respective EQ scores and different facets of their Personality through self-assessment. The logical analysis and detailed interpretation of individual scores by the resource team not only came as a real eye-opener to the participants but also triggered lots of queries and discussion.

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