Secrets to prepare for Group Discussions and Personal Interviews

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”

– Arnold H. Glasgow

Strive for success the right way, and it’ll be yours!

In most leading Business Schools, the selection process begins with an Entrance Test. This test is followed by a Group Discussion and Personal Interview. This means clearing your GD-PI gets you your dream college and proves instrumental to your admission. Thus start your preparations early. Remember, achievers always have a game plan.  Prepare your plan now. Group Discussions and Personal Interviews are your ladders to accomplishment. Climb these carefully. Cracking your GD-PI successfully guarantees educational excellence and great placement leading to a great professional start.

So stay focused and aim for the skies.

You must know that every institute has its own selection criteria.  To crack the selection codes and have an edge over the others, let’s discuss some easy tips and tricks for sure short success. To crack your GD-PI:

  • Have an achiever’s streak and an eagle’s focus

To reach your highest potential and get your dream job, plan well and prepare in advance.

  • Be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else

The first and the foremost rule to clearing your Group Discussion and Personal Interview is to be as natural as you are. You don’t have to be somebody else to attain success.

  • Think before you speak

Arrange your thoughts so that your interactions are crisp and clear. Clarity in thought and brevity in speech are always appreciated by evaluators. So take time to organize your thoughts and express yourself clearly.

  • Be vocal about your views

The evaluators want to hear you out. So speak up!

Put all inhibitions aside and speak your mind. Expressing your views patiently is one aspect, the other however is to  put your point across emphatically. Know the difference between the two.

  • Give valuable insights

It’s the quality that matters, not quantity. So speak less but speak well. Leave an impression that you’re alert and aware.

  • Use non-verbal cues to support your statements

Body language says a lot about a person. Hand gestures and appropriate facial expressions validate a viewpoint. Use non-verbal gestures to make your words understood. However, don’t overdo or it may work against you.

  • Be assertive not aggressive

Never try to impose your views on others. Raising your voice or showing aggressive gestures and loud demonstrations leave a negative impression on the interviewer and affect your chances of clearing discussions and interviews. Remember, be confident about your statements, but do not dominate.

  • Listen before you speak

Understand the question well before you express your views. This gives an impression that you are composed and receptive.

  • Don’t beat around the bush and don’t drone at all!

Be crisp and clear. Don’t tell stories as interviewers want answers to only what’s asked.

  • Stay motivated at all times!

Fight all obstacles, derive clarity on doubts but never lose hope.  That’s a sure short mantra to qualify a GD-PI.

 A positive attitude, clarity of thought, dedicated efforts and there you go!

Varnika Nayyar

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