Develop-a-strategic-planPGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is the most sought after program that is considered as a gateway to corporate world. To cater to the need of manpower in different functional domains of corporate, B-schools offer different specialisations in different formats like Dual Specialisations or Major & Minor.  For instance, JIMS Rohini offers PGDM(General) with specialisation in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Operations; PGDM (International business) with dual specialisation in marketing/finance along with IB, and PGDM (RM) to make career in retail sector. Most of the students really have a tough time while selecting specialisation. They ask their faculty, mentor, friends and corporate experts, and get even more confused. In my view point, a PGDM/MBA student should look for the following check point to solve this query.

  • Subject or area of Interest. Find a subject you have passion for.
  • Kind of skills required to make career in a domain. Like for finance, you are supposed to have good hand analytical skills, sound finance basics and mathematical knowledge and hands on advance excel.
  • Kind of skills you have (because you know yourself the best)
  • Match your skills with the required ones and accordingly decide your specialisation.

The major area of specialisation should be the one you want to make your career in. The minor specialisation is only supporting one that increases your career prospects in major. The bottom line is that as far as possible one should not compromise his/her area interest while choosing specialisation.

 Mr. N P Singh
Associate Professor
JIMS, Sec-5, Rohini

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