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Digital Marketing is the future of marketing and it’s a booming career option, which industries are demanding today. It’s easy to use and adds weightage to resume. Students can learn about the promotion of products on the internet using Social Media Marketing, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Paid Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and Generating Leads through Online Marketing.

The landscape of marketing has changed over the last a few years. Companies have shifted from traditional marketing to Digital Marketing to grow their business. Digital Marketing is affordable and less expensive than traditional marketing (TV ads, Radio ads and pamphlets etc.).

Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) are not only for social networking. Now they have become online platforms for many brands to promote their product on the internet. People are buying the products online on shopping portal websites and apps. E-Commerce companies are selling their products on the internet and remarketing their products. Facebook is adding a new feature every day and we can create forms on Facebook and run the adverts to generate the inquiries.

Every MBA Student should learn the Digital Marketing Techniques (Google Adwords, Linkedin Advertising, Google My Business, Facebook Marketing, Social Media, Mailers, SEO, Pay Per Click, Remarketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing and Content marketing).

Jyoti Chugh Dwari
Digital Manager

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