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Finally, the day for the most prestigious examination for entry to the top business schools has arrived. With less than a week left, it is now time for the CAT-2017 aspirants to organize themselves for the D-day. This year, there are around 2.3 lac candidates who would be competing for seats in twenty IIMs and other prestigious B-schools.

Though there is no single strategy to succeed in the competitive examinations, yet based on the experience of the previous CAT toppers, here are few tips which can be helpful to you;

I. Avoid taking too many suggestions or attempting new tactics at the last moment. Try your own best approach based on the mock tests attempted and their analysis. Since you all must have received your CAT time schedule by now, it would be better to give few mock tests during the same duration. This will help in assessing your efficiency during that time, especially if it’s in the post lunch session

II. Mock online Tests – Most of you must have practiced well with the mock tests that are available online and are also provided by the coaching institutes. It is now time to work on those sections where you consistently scored less. Also, would be better to rehearse formulas and tricks quite well

III. Preparation – Reach the venue at least one and a half hour earlier considering the traffic congestion and parking issues. Also it is better to check the location of test venue and road directions through map so that there is no confusion at the last moment. Don’t forget to keep the admit card and also carry all the required documents with respect to identification, etc. in original as well as photocopy

IV. Plan Well – Before beginning the test, it is always better to plan a strategy by giving a glance to all the questions for couple of seconds. It helps in systematizing the way questions have to be tackled and also gives a fair idea of tough ones. Since there is a negative marking, attempting too many questions without knowing the answers fully well, would reduce your overall score and percentile considerably

V. Strategize separately for each section i.e. (a) Verbal ability & Reading Comprehension, (b) Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation and (c) Quantitative ability. It is better to attempt verbal ability first and then take up Reading comprehension. For Logical Reasoning and Data interpretation, it is better to identify the sets which can be picked first. Also, easier questions from each set may be attempted in the first round and later return for the difficult ones. In Quantitative ability, it is better to take up those questions in the first round, which can be solved quickly

VI. Time Management – It is extremely important to keep track of the total time available and number of questions left. Since less than 2 minutes are available for each question, manage your time accordingly. Speed and accuracy are equally important, so leave the tough questions to last

VII. Maintain Cool – Remain calm, confident and composed during the examination and don’t feel stressed or nervous in case you are unable to answer 2-3 questions in succession. Taking a deep breath for couple of seconds would help you to relax in such situations. Do not worry about the outcome or percentile and remain focussed on the test only

VIII. It is sometimes advisable to try in reverse by attempting with the help of answer options, in case sufficient time is available

IX. Relax well before your D-day – Spend the evening before the test in a stress-free environment. Focus should be more on clarifying doubts or revising formulas. Take proper sleep and relax with your family.

Remember, there is no standard recipe to succeed in competitive examinations, nevertheless, regular practice, strategic planning, and sincere efforts will certainly help you in achieving your goals.

Best of Luck to you all.

Dr. Sumesh Raizada
Professor, JIMS, Rohini, Delhi


3, Institutional Area, Sector-5, Rohini

(Near Rithala Metro Station), Delhi-110085.

Tel.: 011-45184000, 45184001, 45184002 Fax. No: 45184032


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