What is WWH philosophy of teaching?

It means why? What? And How? Philosophically audience (Students) decides whether, one is an effective teacher or not. The first idea of being an effective teacher is student engagement. In contemporary times, students subconsciously seek a need to be taught particular subject area by posing a disguised/unsaid question to the teacher i.e. Why should I be taught this subject or what is in it for me? An excellent teaching philosophy is to make students realize that why the particular subject or topic is advantageous for them. This first section of this philosophy of teaching is very sensitive as this part creates a platform for future endeavour. Once students realize the importance of the subject or topic. It is obvious that they are curious to know what this subject or course is all about as they want to use it. Once the interest is there students are keen to understand the dynamics of the subject.

They are all to explore and practice the areas of interest. My experience says that realization of necessity makes the student sit in class with a motive, with that the presence of mind in class is higher. So second part of my philosophy covers what? An automated learner’s behaviour is that once he understands the relevance and knows the tool he is enthusiastic to apply it. This is where how(?) part comes in picture. At this point teaching students, how to apply the learned tool by using latest techniques shall be a teachers’ prime concern. One of the most important components of being a good teacher is that, a teacher shall be a good researcher because then only he can equips students with innovation and latest tools.

Dr.Bhupender Som
– Associate Professor, JIMS Rohini

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