The Professor’s Job



It’s great to be a professor. It is one of the most challenging and exciting jobs in the world. A professor is always engaged with the most energetic and young minds. A professor has to shape the minds which are in the state of highest conflict biologically and psychologically. The beauty of this profession creates a socio-educational environment where experience meets the energy. The professor always stays young in terms of his ideas and thoughts as he interacts with the youngest generation every year. Christopher M. Knoell says that the role of the teacher in shaping a child’s mind is phenomenal. He performed structured research on student-teacher relationship.

What is a Professor’s job? A professor’s job is divided into two parts.

Part of the job of a professor is to disseminate knowledge. This part of the job is driven by the component of responsibility towards society, world, and humanity. A professor has to ensure that he crafts a manpower that can effectively add to human excellence. Innovative and creative teaching methods are required to keep the knowledge sharing process exciting, impactful, and alive. The most important factor here is to understand the psychology of the students as it is highly fluid. Every year a professor encounters brains with changed psychology. Patricia Brady Gablinske states that the classroom learning atmosphere in an expressive way as proved by student work samples and student responses to teacher interface.

The second and most important part of the job for a professor is to create knowledge. Here the role of a professor differs from that of a school teacher. Apart from teaching the subjects, a school teacher’s additional job is to incorporate discipline, morals, humanity, and ethics in a child. While a professor’s major job dictates to create knowledge in his/her area of expertise. Until and unless the knowledge is created the world cannot advance to the next level of human brilliance. The major component to effectively engage in this part of the job is to involve in research. As soldier’s closest companion is a gun, a professor’s closest companion is a book. The aptitude of research develops from discussion and reading. A good researcher is always motivated to share his/her knowledge. Hence, a professor that is also a good researcher always has contemporary and innovative content to deliver.

In a nutshell, the teacher’s/ professor’s job is most challenging, responsible and a game changer in the progress of human race.“A successful professor has the capability to perform any job of the world”.


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Written by
Dr. Bhupender Kumar SOM – Associate Professor, JIMS Rohini

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