We are a nation of more than 125 cr. Issues like unemployment, poverty, crime are a big challenge. While the government is fighting to make life easy for residents of the nation, another problem eclipsed of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. This problem is mounting up on a very serious note. As expected government seems to keep sleeping on the issue until it becomes big enough to be politicized. The bigger problem is that these illegal immigrants are not restricted to border areas anymore. In fact they spread deeper in to lengths and breadths of the country. Due to our corrupt system they get basic documentation like ADHAR CARD and VOTER ID easily. I don’t understand why government is in such a rush to issue ADHAR CARD to everyone without even knowing basic details. At-least one should have a domicile to get ADHAR CARD or Voter ID. In  order to survive, these immigrants start working as house servants/maids, labors or start begging at signals. A good number of them involve themselves in to crimes  such as chain snatching, rod-hold up’s, theft, signal picks, pocket picks, molestation and rapes. The crime rate has gone up due to these immigrants. The problem in front of police is that they find them hard or impossible to track, due to non existence of domiciles. Police ends up chasing a ghost. We can not blame police directly for that. Politicians for their short term benefits help them in getting all illegal things like colonizing and basic documentation. So that they can create their own vote bank. They miss the long term impacts on nation and INDIAN Citizens. As a citizen the matter seems to be beyond my control and protest. I don’t know what to do other than writing. Probably it should be addressed to prime-minister or home minister. But the frustration is that they are politicians too. Sometimes i feel like, yes every country has problems but they have leader with huge patriotism, vision and zeal to serve society. I agree the leaders of that kind are also here but the number is like salt in dough.

Most we can do is to take precaution. Take a pain and get documents submitted to police station before hiring someone for sensitive jobs like house servants /maids or putting a regular auto-rickshaw or cab for kids & females. Please ask for domiciles and inquire all about geographical belonging before hiring.

Keep your families safe and make this country a safer place


Associate Professor

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