Walking down the corridors of the college is like walking the lane of cherished memories. Quality education is of utmost importance and JIMS has a pool of learned professors and industry experts to build a strong foundation for every student to succeed. The Alumni of JIMS have shined in their professional circuits. Their clarity of concepts and structures of the business world transform them into successful entrepreneurs/ working corporate professionals.

Mentoring and guidance are essential aspects to create confident successful individuals and the JIMS alumni are a perfect example of how stumbling steps of freshly out-of-school graduate become assured walks of experienced and educated professionals to the path of success. JIMS provides its students with all the guidance and encouragement they need from time to time and constantly works to build a strong bond with the alumni.

Waking up every day to be in JIMS is extraordinary. To attend classes not only means having a new learning experience each day but also means catching up with friends for that pending dose of conversations.

Breaks at JIMS mean a great cup of coffee with Chinese samosa and other delicacies offered in the canteen. Alumni of JIMS take with them cherished memories of joyous times spent at the institute that remain embedded in their hearts forever. The life lessons educators inculcate in students and the values they teach empower all students to face life’s challenges heads-on. The support JIMS provides to the alumni at all times smoothens their journey through life’s thick and thin to make them motivational figures professionally as well as personally.

Varnika Nayyar

Content Writer

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