Technical subject in Management courses


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Well, I am back again.

And, this time I have decided to go downside up instead of upside down. For, in my earlier blog, the title was Management subject in Technical courses while this time the focus is now on Technical subject in Management courses.

To begin with I have taught technical courses to management students also as well as management courses to technical students, it gives me an interesting analogy. For, students in both the streams, as I have discovered, seem to take the subject (and sometimes the teacher too) for granted that this is an arena which is not within the ambit   of major subjects of  management (or technical) subjects and that this  subject can be easily cleared by mugging. And, fair enough, they do attain success with respect to the operational aspect of technical tool but not in the applicable aspect of the tool with respect to the objectives of the task which they are required to carry out. For example, I once happened to demonstrate the usage and applicability of MS Excel software and I gave the students a series of numbers to be added up. And, sure enough the students seem to have garnered enough confidence and aptly came up with retorting remarks such as It is easy to add numbers, just write +a1+a2+a3 etc. and then press enter and some were smart enough to drag the cursor down  which automatically adds the numbers. To me it appeared that this was the moment which the students were eagerly waiting so as to demonstrate that technical courses do not stand anywhere in the study of management courses and that this technical course is somewhat required to relegated to state wherein not much thought is to be given. . It is at this point that I grab the opportunity to demonstrate to them the importance of managing numbers in a spreadsheet. I carefully replace some of the numbers with the Alphabets or alternatively I press space bar to remove the numbers. The consequence of this step resulted in the display of #value, wWhich is a customized error message of MS Excel.

In another incidence, I once asked the students to draw a pie graph on the given set of numbers. The result as usual was an impromptu with students riding high in confidence. But that air of confidence of resulting in superiority halo was quickly dispelled when I pointed to them the reason as to why pie graph was required in the first place and what are the essentials it must depict. In other words, what is the objective and purpose of a pie graph.

This approach of mine at once drives home the message to the students that as management scholars, they are required to manage the technical subjects and not to treat the technical subject from operational perspective. In other words, I try to imbibe in them the feelings that everything subject or the course which they studying has an objective which is in line with the main stream of the course they are undergoing and that no subject is to be taken for granted.

I do not know how far I will go, but I think I am on the right track.

Mr. Sanjive Saxena
Associate Professor,
JIMS Rohini

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