Scope of Operations As Specialization

Operations Management

Operations management is the backbone of all activities carried by any business enterprise. More than half of jobs in the industry are either purely or related to operations management e.g. Logistics, supply chain, quality management, scheduling, inventory control, production planning, queuing management, optimization, customer service and much more.

One has to understand the stages of business at which operations management is implemented. When an idea of business takes shape the first step is to prepare a blueprint of the project. To draw the whole idea of business on paper with financial and time constraints. Project management is the key to preparing a perfect blueprint. The success and failure of business at this stage are measured in terms of probability. Right after that, comes the implementation of the blueprint. The challenge at this stage is to make idea functional. Again the operations management is a key component. Office or plant layout planning, logistics management, optimization of resources, production or service planning, inventory management, transportation and assignment management along with the optimum product or service mix, and design of the product are essential and perfect decision-making tools at this stage of business. Once the business becomes operational the scope of operations management at every stage becomes wider and wider. For process driven companies the importance of operations management is very vital.

Therefore an aspirant equipped with knowledge and specialization of operations management has a key role to play in the industry at every stage. In India scope of operations management is getting bigger each passing day. The developed sections of the world like Europe and US have already attained excellence in operations management and working rigorously towards achieving brilliance in operations management.

Hence, a student picking up operations as specialization shall be confident about the opportunities lying with the subject as there are many. The tangibility of results makes the operations management most exciting area to work in.

There are very few B-Schools that have the calibre and potential to offer this specialization and JIMS, Rohini, Sec-5 is an excellent choice in the context.

Written by
Dr. Bhupender Kumar SOM – Associate Professor, JIMS Rohini
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