bwtiowwceaac9v0Once upon a time there was a king called ‘Sugriva’. Sugriva was ruling the kingdom of ‘Kiskindha'(Kingdom of ‘vanars’). ‘Hanuman’ was not only a faithful servant but was also a true disciple of ‘Sugriva’. Owing to some misunderstanding ‘Sugriva’s’ brother Bali turned his foe. ‘Bali was’ stronger between the two brothers. Bali took wife ‘Ruma’ and Kingdom of ‘Sugriva’ forcefully & ostracised ‘Sugriva’ from the kingdom. Hanuman also followed ‘Sugriva’ and left the Kingdom along with him. ‘Sugriva’ made several attempts to take his kingdom back and challenged ‘Bali’ to fight, but Bali seems to be unbeaten. Every-time ‘Sugriva’ used to fight Bali ‘Hanuman’ was hiding behind the rocks and would see his master getting beaten badly by his brother.

Lord Ram was, in the meanwhile, rambling in the forest in quest of Mata Seeta. Eventually, he came in contact with ‘Sugriva’ and helped him in conquering ‘Bali’. Hanuman on the other hand got influenced so much by the aura of Lord Ram that he became ardent devotee of Lord Ram.

The Moment the leadership changed, ‘Hanuman’ began to grow vigorously in his skills, abilities, strength and performance. He turned in from inapt to a consummate performer. It’s evident that same ‘Hanuman’ who used to hid behind the bush when ‘Bali’ used to beat his master, killed deadliest monsters which were stronger than ‘Bali’, saved life of ‘Laxman’ by lifting a whole mountain and played a vital role in winning battle of ‘Sri Lanka’. Consequently, he achieved the status of ‘GOD’.

‘Hanuman’ the GOD; was same person who used to work under the command of ‘Sugriva’ and Lord Ram. The only change which gave him the status of GOD is; His decision to work with a Leader, than to work under a Boss.

Lord Ram was a leader, while ‘Sugriva’ was a Boss.

 Hence, follow a Leader not a Boss. Further you can choose to be a Boss or a Leader.

Dr. B.K Som

Associate Professor

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