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Well, many of you must be wondering as to what topic is all about and how does it fit in the realm of an IT faculty, who earlier had done her BCA program, Masters Program and is now trying to understand the various issues and nuances that prompt the students to bunk classes, generate innovative excuses which they hope will justify the reason for arriving  late in the  class and of course to make sincere and ardent  attempt in influencing the teacher to “adjust” the attendance lest they will be debarred in internal examination.   

The genesis of this topic goes to Mr. Ratan Tata, who led TCS, an IT company to make a mark in the world. Actually, the topic is related to an incident which Mr. Ratan Tata, faced in Germany. He, along with his friends were having dinner in restaurant. In the end, they failed to consume the entire food which they had and hence there was leftover food on their plates. They paid the bill for the food and were about to leave the restaurant when they were confronted with the officers from Social Security Organization. Someone from the audience had called in the Social Security organization with the message that visitors to restaurant have left some food on their plates. In other words, they had ordered more food than they could consume. MR. Ratan Tata and his friends, argued vehemently and protested that they had paid for the food but the officers were unperturbed. They kept on repeating, the money is yours but the resources belong to the society. Hence, the food which they had left and for which they had already paid could have been eaten by members of the society who fail to get even one time meal. Hence a fine of 50 Euros to enlighten them to order only what you can finish. This was a lesson and believe me this episode has gone viral. For, I too, have received it on my WhatsApp.

Anyway, pondering over this message, I began to contemplate as to how this episode aptly fits in our education system and how the students can be made to realize that they are wasting the resources meant for the society (i.e. the teacher) even though they are paying the fee i.e. the money which belongs to their parents. For, instance, when a student bunks a class and then comes back to the teacher, before the exam that a particular portion of the syllabus is not clear to him or as it happens most of the time he makes an ardent attempt to wriggle out some important questions which are likely to come in the forthcoming internal examination. The teacher, on the other hand, spends his  time in trying to announce and convince them that whatever is  taught in the class will come in the examination. So, the valuable time of the teacher, which can be utilized in some other productive manner is wasted.

Can we, the teachers, work out a strategy like imposing a hefty fine which may not be in monetary terms, every time when the student wastes the resources such as chatting on face book in the computer lab class or coming up with excuses such as they are participants in an event and hence they are required to practice and so  their attendance be marked accordingly but later on  these students are found to be loitering in canteen or outside the campus?

Well I am sure something can definitely be worked out to inculcate the feeling  that they are paying the fees but they are wasting the resources meant for the society.

Natasha Narang

Asst. Professor

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