JIMS RohiniEvery men is a potential industry in himself apparently. Eventual function of an Industry is to either produce money or to work for social responsibility without seeking monitory benefits. Both types of industries are equally important. In-fact both of them work as wheels of cart of development for any country. Same way; working men and women are money making industries, while housewives and care takers can be considered as non-profit making organizations. Both the stake holders play equally important role in making & running of a family. Some of the companies do not deviate from ethical practices even if they have to compromise on profit while some of them follow unethical practices to grow, so do men.

Four major management components of an industry: Marketing, HR, Finance and Operations are applied to men exactly same way, as they do for any industry. Marketing is, to sell yourself, to present yourself in the best possible way, to brand yourself and to establish long term relationship (social and professional networking). All of this has to meet the changing dimensions of economy and environment else you are bad at your own marketing and that leads you to under-draw desired or even deserved value. Human Resource Management is all about keeping work-life balance, getting self-motivated, getting yourself trained for upcoming challenges, apprising yourself and entreating yourself for improving productivity. Finance is all about managing funds of your own account, planning taxes, arranging funds, pushing up credit value, auditing accounts, squeezing expenses and cutting costs. Operations is all about increasing efficiency, optimizing efforts and getting maximum throughput but minimum efforts which we call smart work. Research and development is all about, correcting yourself by learning from past mistakes, eying new opportunities and creating a distinguish skill in yourself for sustainability.

Hence, a Man can understand himself an industry. Small-scale, medium-scale or large scale depending of the output one produces or on tangible / intangible wealth one possesses. By doing so one can find the solutions to the problems of profession like industries do. All I mean to say is that industry solutions can be good reference points to the problems which a men faces in his career, as Men is also an Industry. But, one must map industry recommendations to human perspectives by careful scaling before implementation.

And Off-course business is governed by company laws and men are governed by constitution.

DR B K SOM, Associate Professor – JIMS Rohini
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