#ElliotMasie once said- “We need to bring Learning to People instead of people to learning.”  Online learning in recent years has taken a new ladder to success. Almost every person be it a professional, an academician a trainer, a student or even a kid have embraced the super power of the internet to create an online education industry. This industry is flourishing in the new high speeds in this multi- device world. Learning and education have crossed all the barriers today and is simply unstoppable. Be it any medium learning, education, innovation is traveling miles. They are not restricted by any locality, time, generation or prominence.

Earlier getting a qualification or even to learn something new was a tedious and time-consuming task. We would have to physically enroll ourselves into an institute, pay for that course, go and attend classes and get the certification or degree after completion of that course. But since the massive Online Learning Revolution has started we have started learning things at a much higher rate.

Through internet MOOCs, also known as Massive Open Online Courses is the best open platform through which a course or study is made available over the internet to the capacoius number of people.

Basically, MOOCs originated from the Open Education souRces (OER) movement. This term MOOCs was given by Dave Cormier in the year 2008. Traditional methodology of learning from books,notes, handouts, course materials, presentations, problem set have simply transformed into online videos, lectures, lectures through video conferencing online courses, online certifications and what not. Today in this fast moving world the biggest drawback is the shortage of time, money and resources. Still, most of the  population is unable to invest money in learning. Online courses and Online learning education system have helped all these people be rich or poor lacking in time, money or resources to come on a common platform INTERNET and “learn.”

This OER movement allows online learning to be right at the forefront of teaching, which is constantly being updated, the refined and improved method of learning.  If we sit and analyze the benefits of Online education they are almost uncountable. The most important feature is it is live hence the look and feel of a real-time teaching and learning for a learner is always there. It is dynamic the methodology of learning changes; moreover, there is not only one single learning source or data, there are different videos available for learning on one single topic hence it is also diversified. Since it is platform independent and free of cost it is reachable to masses without any barriers and fences. With dynamically changing technology the things get more refined so do this online education system is also getting refined.Another important aspect is of cost, mostly its freely available but even some courses which are chargeable are worth a shot giving for learning. Many online certification courses are chargeable and are worth doing. Its reachability to the masses is huge and at the same time is accessed from different locations, different countries. It is highly flexible and practical. The ideas of learning taught through this modern era of digitization are magnificently innovative and interactive.

We have actually moved from chalkboards to white boards to smart boards to No boards at all.  These new inventions have actually made learning a child’s play. From no access to Easy access to learning, we can say that online learning is the future of education.

Aakanksha Chopra

Assistant Professor (IT)

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