In real life scenario of serious programming, just class room teaching is not sufficient, since there is a huge gap between class room teaching and corporate working, due to following reasons:

  • Teaching is based on curriculum and development is based on real life scenario.
  • Basic introduction of each topic is given but detailed knowledge of a topic is required to solve real life problem.
  • Teaching gives guidance how to use programming language but development requires to understand, analyze and build a solution using programming language.
  • Due procedure is required to change curriculum but industry changes as per current demands.

A successful programmer requires good knowledge of programming language and well developed problem solving and analytical skills. Development is a stream where it is required to convert real life situation into a software programs.  Following steps are required to get computer solution of a problem:

  • Understand the problem: It requires studying situation in detail and analyzing from users perspective. Lot of analytical and problem solving skills is required at this level.
  • Discover a plan to solve it: Once the problem is understood in next phase we try to fix it by analyzing various ways to solve it and coming up with concrete solution. Now there is a need to use analytical, problem solving and logical skills.
  • Carrying out devised plan: carrying out devised plan requires coding  and testing which requires lot of technical, logical, analytical and lateral thinking abilities.

To be proficient in development not only technical advancement but expertise in other areas like logical building, problem solving and analytical thinking is must.  This can be achieved by reading books on analytical thinking, problem solving, logic building. Then try to build programs to test your skills, solve logic puzzles, build logic by looking at small problems and help other in building logics.  When you are not able to solve these logical problems don’t be disheartened take help of other fellow students, faculty, coding forums, logic development books. Once you feel comfortable in all these, small live/dummy project should be done to have development exposure.

Ensure following steps to become a successful Programmer

  1. Good Command over language[use following tips]:
    1. Don’t cram but understand Language notions.
    2. Develop more programs to understand every concept of language.
    3. Solve Logic puzzles or real life problems through language code.
    4. Subscribe to a related forum and get updates about language.
    5. Build small live or dummy project to have better command over language.
  1. Develop Logic building and Problem solving ability[Refer following books]:
    1. “The Pragmatic Programmer” By Andrew hunt and David Thomas
    2. “Code Complete” by Steve McConnell
    3. “Literate Programming” By Donald E. Knuth
    4. “The Design of Every Day Things” by Donald A. Norman
  2. Develop Small Live or dummy Project[Refer following Web links]:

Archana B Saxena

Ass. Prof (IT)

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