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How To Protect Yourself From Delhi’s Smog And Pollution?

Indian Medical Association (IMA) has declared public Health Emergency in Delhi-NCR in view of smog and high levels of toxic pollutants in the atmosphere. There are many reasons that have contributed to the present critical state of hazardous living conditions. These includes crop burning in the adjoining states, vehicular emission, construction activities and trapping of particulate matter near the ground. The ongoing heavy smog and air pollution can cause severe lung, eye and heart ailments especially among elders and children. Since, there is no permanent solution to the present situation, the people need to take precautionary measures in order to protect themselves from getting severely affected.

Some of these are;

1. Avoid excessive exercises during morning and evening
2. Drink warm water at regular intervals
3. Consume diet rich in vitamin C, magnesium and Omega fatty acids to boost immune system
4. Take ginger and Tulsi tea
5. Wear face mask or cover your nose
6. Keep indoor plants such as Ivy, spider plant, aloe vera, Indian Basil, etc., which act as an air purifier also
7. Those suffering from asthma must take extra precaution and keep nebuliser with them

It is impossible for the college students or working people to stay at home, but by taking some of the above-mentioned precautions, one can definitely reduce the level of health risks.

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