With the developement of internet as a perfect source of any information and database, the creativity seems to have lost its ground. Its a big bad world of pressures and deadlines out there. To address their daily needs, youngsters have now stopped thinking and far from pondering and contemplating on the topics or issues they want to write, create or induldge in any other form. Google baba comes handy to them as a solution for all their assignments and problems. In depth studies to make the most of the existing resource to propose a new one has given in for plaguerism.

Is it the paucity of time, lack of interest or capability which is leading to this? Students feel that if we only have to convey whatever is available on the net then assignments are just a waste of time.The seed of plaguerism has travelled to corporates, communication industry, fashion industry in a large way. The importance of propounding something new and absolutely original seems to have been left to handful experts while a common acdemician, student and researcher finds it easy to tread way by beg, borrow, steal policy! This is an alarming situation where we are moving from Artificial intelligence actually created by some intellects to fake intelligence where brains may go for a long snooze and the longer the gap the harder will be the effort for us to wake them .

If this continues, believe you me, we are heading towards an era of distorted academia and research and developing people with low or no analytical ability.

So, heres a Wake up call. One may begin with patch writing, i.e. changing things here and there, ands move to finally turn to paraphrasing. To fill your writing or thought gaps, quote lifting may help. In case if there are people who lack the opinon approach, Content curation is a great idea as it helps to aggregate multiple thoughts in one space. However while content curation, its important that you attribute the credit the right way to the deserving one. There is nothing more infurating than people who take credit of someone else’s work. So understand that you can’t change a byline in somenone’s article and call it day. So before you blog or write or develop anything again, Ask yourself a Question “Are you a good contributor or just a good googler?”

Mansi Arora Madan

Asst. Professor-Mgt

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