CAT Preparations

Don’t stress, do your best and leave the rest! A famous saying we all relate to at some point in our lives.

With CAT Exams 2016 round the corner, it’s time again for young hearts to pound and fingers to shiver from anxiety and stress. In the dynamic, competitive times of today, exam stress – an unnecessary evil is a topic much debated, especially during an exam as crucial as this one. Tensed study moments, performance pressures and ambiguity of result become major botherations affecting a student’s peace of mind.

With exam stress increasingly spreading as an epidemic that’s taking a toll on a student’s health and peace of mind, the need for quick measures to reduce stress takes precedence.

For all you students yearning to fight stress and perform well in CAT Examinations, read through and adopt these quick and easy tips to maintain your calm and excel. Remember:

  • No last minute studies please!

Let’s begin dealing with stress at the root level. Start your exam preparations early. By early I mean, before that last minute time tables that students prepare hurriedly. These exams are instrumental in making career decisions regarding the right kind of employment or giving wings to your dream venture. Thus, remember that timely study and dedicated efforts are your keys to success. Begin your exam preparations in advance so that you get some extra time to get your hands on extra study material to crack your CAT Exam. Timely preparations also leave you with ample time for revision before the actual day arrives.

  • Set achievable goals and follow your preparation plan.

Prepare a plan and start from smaller, more achievable goals to finally working towards your ultimate aim. Set daily or weekly targets and work towards those with utmost zeal and vigor.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask!

An important point to remember during exam preparations is to seek for expert guidance and support when required. At most times during self-study or coaching, you may come across topics that may be difficult to understand. Don’t ignore these. These are hurdles that must be crossed on your way to success. Seek expert guidance to attain clarity on these doubts.  

To clarify your doubts, make optimum use of technology available. Interact with your fellow aspirants or experts on social media and access educational material to prepare well for CAT. Resolve all queries before you step in that examination hall.

  • Remember to stay motivated at all times!

The mantra for success is to be confident and have a positive outlook we display to attain the little things in life. To stay motivated.

  • Eat Healthy, Sleep well and Exercise to be fresh!

We must remember to have a proper diet and a defined sleep pattern to avoid fatigue. Exercise, meditation and yoga are extremely important to avoid a nervous breakdown during examination time.

One thing to be noted here is that the syllabus for CAT is doable. Besides dedicated efforts and a well-planned study schedule, you need to become a pro at using your reasoning and analytical skills to crack the CAT. Clarity of thought, a positive approach, channelized efforts and success is yours!

Varnika Nayyar

JIMS, Rohini

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